Electronic Security

Kestrel Guards utilise state of the art technology to offer our clients electronic security solutions which offer an excellent cost saving compared to static guarding. We are able to offer bespoke systems dependent upon the client’s requirements.

Electronic Security

Kestrel Guards offer combined security solutions which include Intruder Alarm installations, CCTV installations, CCTV monitoring and Access Control installations which enables our clients to have one point of contact for all of their security requirements. Kestrel Guards have recently designed and installed a complete security package including CCTV, Intruder Alarms and Access Control combined with an Alarm Response and Keyholding service to the Broadlands Estate in Romsey, Hampshire.

Temporary Alarm Systems

The video verified motion detection system we use is completely wireless and uses long life batteries (over 18 month life expectancy) and wireless data transmission to transmit events. The free standing nature of this system means we are able to deploy the system to sites with no power or communication lines present and due to their internal / external use, we can protect any site anywhere in the United Kingdom. These systems have been utilised to protect everything from endangered species nesting boxes in trees through to 5 storey vacant department store buildings and are truly the cutting edge of temporary alarm systems.

The system consists of a main panel and keypad unit which are housed in a waterproof box and as many internal or external detection devices as required to secure the premises. Upon activation of the system, the 2 infra red lamps will illuminate and a 10 second video clip will be transmitted to our 24 hour Control Room allowing our Controllers to make an accurate assessment of the response required but also allowing them to identify and ignore false triggers like wildlife or shrubbery.

We are able to offer temporary solutions utilising the following detection devices:

  • Internal / External Motion Sensors
  • Internal / External Video Verified Motion Sensors
  • Door Contacts
  • Vibrations Sensors
  • Break Glass sensors
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Flood Sensors
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • CCTV systems

Covert Camera Surveillance

For organisations with specific problems (such as staff thefts), we are able to install covert CCTV cameras and recording devices to produce evidence for disciplinary action and for possible prosecutions. We can review and edit material as required and attend court on your behalf where necessary.